Monday, June 24, 2024   |   12:24:13 PM EDT

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Welcome to our ServiceSide website. As a DAS customer, you will use this portal to interact with our service team so that we may better serve you. Specifically, ServiceSide allows you to manage our service team and the service visits to your store locations. After you log-in, you can track our service appointments, rate our service team visits and communicate with all your DAS service team members online, 24/7.

Additional features include visit histories, image libraries, territory mapping and store directions. But, before we can get started, we must submit your account information for verification.

  1. Enter the correct data into the form.

  2. Submit the form by clicking on the submit button.

  3. Check your email for an assigned user name & password.

  4. You may now enter the portal, to manage your account.

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